Catering Menu

Breakfast Tray

Banana, lemon and Zucchini breads served with assorted pastries.                               $2.50 per person


Fruit Tray

Seasonal fresh fruit ( honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and red and green grapes )

$3.49 per person


Cheese and Fruit tray

Seasonal fresh fruit served with a selection of 5 Wilton cheeses.                           

$4.39 per person


Cheese and Cracker Tray

Includes selection of 5 Wilton cheeses and decorated with red and green apples and red and green grapes.                                                                         

$3.19 per person


Cheese and Pickle Tray

This tray has 5 varieties of Wilton cheese and is complimented with dill, green olives and sweet mixed pickles.

$3.49 per person


Vegetable and Dip Tray

Consists of garden crisp broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and red and green bell peppers and served with our tangy dip.                                                                            

$2.89 per person


Sandwich Tray

All trays include lean roast beef, Black forest ham, smoked turkey, Montreal-style smoked meat, egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad and veggie and cheese. Prepared with thick sliced white, whole-wheat   and marbled rye bread                                                                $6.49 per person



Soup of the day served in a crock (minimum of 10 people).                               

$3.69 per person


Dessert Tray

Fudge brownies, tiger brownies, lemon, date, macaroon and butter tart squares.         $2.09 per person


Meat Tray

Black forest ham, smoked turkey, lean roast beef and Montreal-style smoked meat.

$4.49 per person



Tossed – $3.99 per person                              Caesar – $3.99 per person

Fruit –   $3.99 per person                               Pasta –  $3.99 per person

Potato – $3.99 per person


Cold Buffet

Includes Meat tray, choice of 3 salads, cheese and pickles, buttered rolls and desserts,         $15.49 per person


Coffee and Tea Service                                                                     $1.65  per person

Assorted Juice, Soft Drinks and Water                                           $1.29  per person